"MegaPixels is an art and research project investigating the ethics, origins, and individual privacy implications of face recognition datasets created in the wild".

by Adam Harvey (CV Dazzle)


@ptr_here Haha. Thx. I really hope to see some brusseleirs there. Are you in?

Ok, just booked my travel tickets to Libre Graphics Meeting 2019.

See you there.

@pfefferle @xuv Hmm. This is weird. I tested with you account and indeed, it works. How is this not working with my Wordpress instaance. How come it shows "pending approval"? Any way I could debug this? Thx

A game engine for non-euclidian worlds and why this might be interesting for youtu.be/kEB11PQ9Eo8

I just had "Ramen Bolognese" in Red Hook tonight. And I'm willing to bet you can only find this in a restaurant.

@n8 There are 2 possible plugins. But I use this one: wordpress.org/plugins/activity
Things are not fully exempt of bugs so far. But the main dev is very reactive.
Here is one of my account on a gamedev blog that has it activated: @xuv
(haven't posted there in a while)

Rassemblement pour réclamer la libération de Julian Assange : RDV demain 17-19h devant l’Ambassade de Grande Bretagne, chaussée d’Auderghem 10 à #Bruxelles



Until this is taught in British schools (at least, I never learnt it in school), and until empire is seen with clear eyes, the cognitive dissonance of knowing-but-never-admitting will continue to poison Brits and we will harm those around us

It's not nearly enough, but sorry.
RT @chimeracoder@twitter.com
Exactly one hundred years ago today, the British army decided to kill over a thousand peaceful, unarmed protesters in India out…

@n8 Is your blog a Wordpress of some sort? There is an ActivityPub plugin in the works, so you could get syndicated on the Fediverse ;)

@pfefferle @matthias Thanks for the fix. Works as expected now with 0.7.2 version of the plugin.

One thing I also noticed is when I follow a Wordpress account, it says it's following it, but when I reload Mastodon, it says: "Waiting for approval". I've tried with @xuv for example. Is there something I'm missing?

My article about designing posters with scribus krita and Inkscape is published on opensource.com - opensource.com/article/19/4/de

@pfefferle @matthias Awesome. Just curious, from a tech perspective, what should happen and that is not happening?

@pfefferle @matthias Hello Matthias. Thanks for that explanation. I'm aware of this limitation. There is one way to work around it. I should take one of your previous post url and paste it in Mastodon search bar and even if I'm not following you or anything, Mastodon finds it and I can then interact with that post. But this does not seem work with any account pushed by the Wordpress ActivityPub plugin. Do you know why?

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