I’ve just received this very long email from an unknown charitable person informing me, with mathematics involved, that the bible already predicted the cashless society we are moving towards as well as RFID microchips.

📱 J’ai acheté mon smartphone actuel le 16 juillet 2015, il a donc 6 ans et 3 mois aujourd'hui !

Et vous, quel âge a le votre ?

@hyde Yeah. I also have a Piwigo instance for photo albums. I don’t like to blog just one or 2 photos. Social media has created this habit of just sharing a thing in photo. Mastodon is good for that with their 4 photos limit. The blog needs a bit more preparation for me. And for a whole photo reportage, then I’d use Piwigo :)

@hyde I already feel better. I had very little use of it since the pandemic. And yeah Pixelfed is Instagram with a Fediverse sticker on it. And that’s so unfortunate. For now, I’m fine posting photos on Mastodon if I feel the need.

Deleted my personal account today... after a whole week trolling my followers with stories on why and everything it touches turns into a cesspool.

Not sure anyone cared or felt entertained. Definitely will be without me from now on.

@dokoissho This looks like they're asking you to label some images generated by machine learning models. Weird. @neauoire

"Il ne faut pas vendre la peau de Twitter avant d'avoir poueté."

- Proverbe du Fediverse

Pour quelqu'un qui ne s'y connait pas du tout et qui voudrait un nas, vous iriez plutôt sur un synology ou autre chose ?

Question supplémentaire, il existe des serveurs avec un nextcloud qui d'auto upgrade etc ?

"The fear of the ZUCK is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Fediverse is understanding."

- Fediverse Proverb

Babycastles art space will be hosting a number of online workshops in the next few months. The first is Unlearn Unity: A Beginner's Guide to Learning Godot on Sunday Nov 7 at 3pm EST. Workshops are pay what you wish with a suggested donation $5 - 15.


The optical mouse I use for my desktop is going to reach 20 years old early next year.

I know because the scroll was not working anymore. So I dismounted it and looked at the manufacturer sticker. It says "Manufacture date: 2002.01.03".

Some small spring fell off when I dismounted the scroll. Put it back together without them. Didn’t see how they were assembled. Scroll still works. Lost that ratchet sound on scroll. Actually, I prefer it like that.

How old is your mouse?

@im Je crois justement que les statistiques, ça ne compte pas. Par exemple, si on les enlève, le service fonctionne toujours correctement.

Ça vaut le coup de pointer un risque d'amende. Ça coûte cher les infractions à la vie privée. En Suisse aussi, je suis convaincu.

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