@crickxson ha dingue. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais cet article ne parle pas du marché noir, que ces paiements électroniques ne permettent pas. J'ai l'impression que la suède vient de se rendre compte que tuer le marché noir, c'est sans doute pas si bon que ça pour l'économie. Mais bon, j'invente hein. C'est une intuition.

AllTube Download : une interface graphique simplissime pour faire fonctionner l’excellent #LogicielLibre youtube-dl, pour télécharger des flux vidéo ou audio depuis un bon millier de sites.
Cerise sur le gâteau : un petit #bookmarklet est disponible.

@nathand congrats on this closing. The interesting part of that message is, they don't say it'll take 2 weeks to completely remove your data from their servers. It's just to disappear from search engine. So 2 questions, do they yeep your data after you're gone? And is this search engine question a way to trigger some bigger fear in the user and make them revert their decision.

Chromium on Linux is listening through your mic, get rid of that garbage straight away: news.softpedia.com/news/google

It strikes me that it shouldn't be possible on any modern OS to access the microphone or camera without a notification, an explicit allowance, and a logfile generated somewhere.

If, like me, you have been unable to follow in real-time the #Assange hearings currently taking place, then visit Craig Murray's blog to catch up and read his thorough and detailed daily summaries. These are not short pieces, but fairly long and complete reports about what is being discussed, presented, and challenged during the sessions, going in details of the anomalies and tactics used by the prosecution.

Currently no mainstream media, even those who present themselves as independent, are covering the hearings in any serious fashion, if at all.

Regardless of what you think of Assange and #WikiLeaks it is important that what is being discussed there can circulate as much as possible. Many things are being debunked, and overall, the outcome of the hearings for potential US extradition will have dramatic chilling effects on future efforts to publish such documents.


This is the page that helped me the most achieving this. translatedcode.wordpress.com/2

While not entirely accurate probably because things changed since 2018.
If anyone understands the "-append" options and shine a light for me. That would be helpful.

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Btw, the documentation available online feels very much like instructions on how to draw an owl.

Install this and this. Download that. Then run this multiline command with 30 obscure flags and options. And voiláaaa.

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@frankiezafe Tiens tiens. Quelqu’un a finalement poussé l’idée de faire une simplification de l’API de Blender: blendernation.com/2020/09/14/i

Former Facebook data scientist Sophie Zhang on the massive amount of "inauthentic activity" used for political purposes on the platform.


Been after that one for a while but I finally managed to run a in a virtual machine using .

@8zu I did not read like this. I think violent revolutions are not something we should hope for. And if we can make changes without passing by violent unrest, we should do so.

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