Just discovered that the Forum Internacional Software Livre (FISL) is the largest gathering of people in South America. It happens in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Something to check out.

@320x200 😂 I'd read an essay titled like this if you write it under the pen name of Bendix Schönflies.

@guntbert good question. I think you have to "allow apk" to install F-droid itself. But after that, you can turn it off and use F-droid as you would use Play. But we need to verify that.

Automatic transcription of voicemail from spam robocall on my US phone number makes no sense.

@gendor yes, it does. I'm just messing around with the polls here. :)

@ossington yeah, I'm thinking of the same things. I think it's a hijack of public space at this point. And that's not right.

@yhancik Alors, les kwistax, je suis à fond partant pour ça. Un truc en plus avec partage de la location, genre je prends un kwistax 4 placesà tel endroit, 200m plus loin, une autre personne monte dedans avec moi. On attrape une troisième 1km plus loin. Je descend à mi-chemin. Etc.

When you are presented with a survey, how often do you want to see the results before answering?

@lubellwoo Yeah, it's like creating a new group of friends after moving to another city. It takes a little bit of extra effort. There are new things to learn. But at the same time, we know how it works. We've done it before.

Je vois pas trop non plus quel méga-monopole historique ce genre de nouvelle approche est sensé "disrupter". On nage un peu en plein délire.

En plus, j'ai un peu l'impression que le genre d'utilisateurs de cet engin, c'est pas tellement le genre à avoir un smartphone et foutre sa carte de crédit dans une application lambda pour louer un brol à la minute. Mais je me trompe peut -être.

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