@DashEquals Also. I just noticed that if you reply to a post with those actors in it, you will have to remove them by hand. That's really not cool.

@DashEquals In other words. It's a dead actor. And we probably don't want too many of those on the network. Right?

@DashEquals The helpful thing is that it removes those "ugly" @BarackObama@twitter.com that you see in cross-postings.

The harmful thing is I now think that @BarackObama is on the Fediverse and I can follow him. And that's deceptive.

Oh, that's interesting: activitypub.actor/

Although I don't really know what to think of it. Is it a good thing or a bad thing for the ?

It creates an interesting problem. I can for example mention @BarackObama or anyone else on @Twitter

But is that really useful?

@M_PF OMG. This is priceless. :) Someone had to burn they collages after making them when they were in kindergarten. ;)

Shiv Integer, as a security professional, brings shame to the Internet Security profession according to this fellow professional. Sorry we did it wrong ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@liaizon Ha. Sounds like a good rule though. Have you submitted an issue in Mastodon repo?

@liaizon @jeroenpraat @Gargron Font Awesome added an icon for Mastodon recently. I think the potential tipping factor that would make integrated into Mastodon code base is if we manage to add an icon for CW in the set. There is a pending issue for it if you have ideas: github.com/ForkAwesome/Fork-Aw

Just released a new version of 1.1.6.

Notable changes are adding a spell-check, , -droid, or icons.

We also have our own domain name for more independence and coolness ;) forkaweso.me

Spread the word!

if you needed to feel old, the first Eminem album came out 20 years ago today

"Vrouwen in een bos" (Women in a forest)
Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli, 1870 - 1886


@jrc03c Ok. Then I have no idea. Mine does that when I flip it upside down.

@jrc03c Does it happen when you flip your phone upside down? Or when it stays still?

@jrc03c Is it a notification buzz with notification sound. Or just a small vibration?

Hello @quota_atypique J'apprécie le partage de ce post de @manhack . C'est effectivement une news qui vaut la pein d'être partagée. Mais vu qu'il n'est pas ici pour discuter, je me demande si ce n'est pas un peu contre-productif et finalement un peu polluant de booster ses toots. J'apprécierais deux fois plus si par exemple tu lui avais piqué son tweet pour le ré-écrire à ta façon ici. Là, je t'aurais boostée. :)
Qu'est-ce que t'en penses?

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