Je viens de tomber là-dessus. Dans une grande entreprise fabriquant des produits polluants, au lieu de parler de "changement climatique" à ses clients, on préfère utiliser les mots "accidents climatiques".

WhatsApp bashing 

@colm Haha. Nice. What’s the screen recording for? Public sharing? Personal souvenir? Else?

Not being able to travel has certainly helped me appreciate the beauty right here even more. 💕 🌲 Got out for a nice walk today in Foothills Park.

It's quite ironic that the whole privacy policy debacle, with users fleeing the app by millions, is mostly fueled by clickbait news articles and disinformation spread through social media.

"The pill was too big to swallow at once. We're planning to break it down and dilute it in water over the next few months"

@hansup I would say that the UI of chat apps invites to more rapid and "realtime" conversations. While email is felt as slow. Both types of communications are necessary and serve different purposes. With , you can use the slow long form email account to have rapid conversation in a more suitable interface. One does not cancel the other.

J'ai acheté un ananas je vais pouvoir faire des pizzas demain \o/.

@xuv @delta best instant messaging i've used: reliable, simple, encrypted + backup in my email box!

For those who are looking for a chat system these days to move away from and think is still too centralized. I recommend over based approaches.

The advantages of Deltachat are that everyone has already an account (their email address). And encryption (privacy) wize, it's probably equivalent to xmpp .

@yhancik I guess it's an auto-correct mistake. Or someone is definitely confusing teleworking and vacationing. 😂

What's exactly the purpose of e-mail autoreplies that tell you "I'm teleworking and remain reachable by mail"? 🤔

@praxeology @rra wow. First time I hear about this. Seems like the US version of the minitel. Or close.

@thomasorus Don't take my word for it. I never tried this in prod. I only did a few tutorials to see how that works. It needs more research to see if it fits your needs and if you trust it to be a sustainable solution over time. But it's the only other thing that I know that is not Electron.

You could also look at Godot, to a certain degree, it also publishes to a multi platform.

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