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Quelques extraits atelier dessin de caractères, partie 1, erg, cotations, déjà. Avec Jules Beaufils, Matthias Buelens, Louis Desmet, Yann Linguinou, Victor Meyers, Ugo Olivari, Paul Peyrolle, Louise Picot, Clara Sambot, Antoine Gelgon, Laurent Müller, Sebastien Sanfilippo, MC Lambert.

Oh tiens dis, j'avais oublié que News n'était pas disponible en . Ça fait bizarre sur le coup. Je cherchais à lire des articles US sur un sujet. C'est quoi l'alternative?

You can now make your voice heard in the controversial debate around @purism disabling federated reports on their Mastodon fork with this PR trying to reinstate them: #librem #purism

Please boost for visibility 😘

Ok , you've really got to work on your subway game. If newyorkers have figured it out, so can you. Basic rule is: it's in your interest to let people get out of the cars as fast and easily as possible. If you don't understand that, you're doing it wrong.

The workshop class next month is almost full. If you haven't secured your ticket for Algomech yet, and want to attend the workshop, do it now.

#banquiers #City #EU #PhilippeLamberts 

"La manière dont ils considèrent la liberté de la presse est inquiétante : clairement, les photographes deviennent des cibles. On a pratiquement tous été à l’hosto voir un pote photographe ou journaliste un soir de manif. On fait un travail dangereux, on prend des risques, on les accepte. Mais il y a un moment où ce n’est plus acceptable."

Mastodon got a shout-out in The New Yorker

"Odell believes that there is another way. She cites, for example, the indie platform Mastodon, which is crowdfunded and decentralized. (It is made up of independently operated nodes, called 'instances,' on which users can post short messages, or 'toots.')"

Aweigh is an open source navigation system that does not rely on satellites: it is inspired by the mapping of celestial bodies and the polarized vision of insects.

/cc: @neauoire @rek

Beehive 0.3, an open-source event & automation system is out!

So many fixes plus 17(!) new hives in this release!

Now your bees can interact with GitHub, Facebook, Mastodon or OpenWeatherMap, to name just a few of the new supported services.

Get it here:

"MegaPixels is an art and research project investigating the ethics, origins, and individual privacy implications of face recognition datasets created in the wild".

by Adam Harvey (CV Dazzle)

Ok, just booked my travel tickets to Libre Graphics Meeting 2019.

See you there.

A game engine for non-euclidian worlds and why this might be interesting for

I just had "Ramen Bolognese" in Red Hook tonight. And I'm willing to bet you can only find this in a restaurant.

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