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Performance artist generates virtual traffic jams in Google Maps by pulling a wagon full of smartphones

The garbage fire that is digital account management and 2FA for non-tech minded people is really something to watch. I've seen many people I love trip and fall in the process of moving, resetting and transfering accounts. It hurts.

👉🏻 is an easy-to-use webapp for altering image material, in order to make it machine-unreadable.

Through introducing perturbance, 👉🏻 seeks to question and subvert automated image recognition. #databaseculture

En ce jour palindromique, une pensée un peu spéciale me vient à l’esprit pour ces jeunes nés le 02/02/02 qui aujourd’hui atteignent leur majorité.

Quelle chance vous avez d’avoir une date d’anniversaire aussi simple à écrire.

Tempted to delay publishing a blog post until tomorrow so I can use 20200202 in the file name... 🤔

For all the people at #Fosdem this weekend. If you are interested in #libre #graphics and #opensource #design discussions and presentation, come join us at the #LGM2020 meeting this year, in Rennes, #France

Our Call for Proposals just opened #Fosdem2020

We are happy to announce the Call for Proposals is now officially open for LGM 2020!

You can find all the details about what we are looking for on

The deadline to submit proposals is February 17th.

#LGM2020 #CFP #LGM

2000: Welcome to our shitty animated flash site for our restaurant. The hours will be baked into the flash so good luck if we ever change them

2010: Welcome to our shitty broken web site for our restaurant, here's a blurry, super-compressed scan of the cover of our menu

2020: Welcome to our shitty facebook page for our restaurant, we had a tech savvy young server set it up for us but then she quit so we can never update it again

At a party right now. And I'm bored. Luckily there is and pens.

Does anyone know if Google Books is ever planning on moving its "Public Domain" publication window up for post-1922 books? Every volume I've checked for 1923 & 1924 is still restricted access.

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