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All that went rather quickly. I think in less than an hour, with time differences and all, it was all set.

One "bug" though. For some groups, I received a notification that I was added again. For some, there was none, although I was indeed added again. A bit of confusion there. Unsure why.

One advantage of doing this over christmas, was to send "best wishes" at the same time and getting in touch with all my friends.

Would recommend :)

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As one of my good friend said (he follows this account via RSS), you can update Mastodon and say the number transfer was smooth. Indeed, it was.

I did follow Signal instructions to the letter:

I also made sure to inform all the groups why I was leaving, giving them my new number. I did the same with friends who I knew would not have it. I specifically asked one person per group to make sure to bring me back in the group after the transfer.

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A Bot Transforms a Pseudorandom Number into a Parodic Art Blog Headline 

A Nepalese Art Student Crafts Tire Chains into Intricate Tapestries

Attempting a change of phone number on . I'll let you know how it goes. :)

what do you call a gan that doesn't work 

a gan't

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Yééé. Mon "livre de vacances" est arrivé auj. C'est bon, on peut fermer Internet, j'ai ma lecture pour ce noël au calme.

It appears that the flood of newcomers on the fediverse comes from a change in instagram's Terms Of Service.

Je viens de lire la politique de confidentialité.sur Mamot, j'aime.bien ce passage :

🎉 Bienvenue dans le Fediverse! 🎉

👌 Le Fediverse n'est PAS Twitt*r! Goûtez une façon plus relax, courtoise et bienveillante d'intéragir! Vous en faîtes déja partie!

🤚 Présentez-vous! Remplissez votre bio et "tootez" un peu avant de suivre des gens, pour plus de chances d'être suivi en retour...

👍 Utilisez les favoris et suivez généreusement! C'est comme cela que l'on crée du lien. Pas d'algo-dieu pour vous espionner et vous dire qui suivre, quoi lire! \o/

⚠️ Renseignez-vous sur les CW...


AWS joins the Blender Development Fund —

I'm glad gets money for development and improvements. But I don't understand this move from AWS. Makes little sense to me.

"This boat-shaped particle is 30 micrometres long and can propel itself using a chemical reaction. Researchers 3D-printed the particle and coated it with metal. This catalyses a reaction in the hydrogen peroxide solution in which the particle sits, to produce gas that pushes it along."

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