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I'm essentially programmer.
I love functional programming and some OO Languages (OCaml, Elm, Elixir/Erlang, IO, F#).
I like painting on walls with sprays.
I love FOSS (ideally with a good UI).

- I was born in India
- I'm belgian (and I lived 22 years in Brussels)
- I live in Lille (France)
- I work in Paris (France)

You can checkout some projects, paintings and blog-posts on my webpage (in French):

Very glad to be here !

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Many people told me not to have fun coding my own site because it was not "productive" or "pragmatic".
Even though I do not have everything coded from A to Z (I'm still using a page generator), having deep control on your website is incredibly rewarding.
Wanting to improve it continuously drives productivity. So maybe in the short term, I have not been "pragmatic", I am now convinced that maintaining my own space boost my productivity!

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@xvw asked me some feedbacks on SvelteJS, that we use at work.

I finally took the time to quickly write something.

It's quite contextual to the client and projects I work on.
It's also not very structured. I don't have time to write a polished medium post ^^


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Heyo #fediverse!

I wrote an article about Mastodon so I can point people to it when they're confused about what just looks like a weird Twitter to them:

Let me know if I'm missing something super important

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I'm really happy to introduce you to my new site!

It is still far from finished, but I decided to publish it so as not to risk polishing it without stopping never to publish it :)

Thanks a lot @neauoire for the inspiration and the advises!

Three years ago, my 13-year-old brother died tragically. After reflections and introspection my father and my mother-in-law wrote a book:

I am not particularly objective but the reading is poignant.

The book intersects between the event and a collection of souvenirs. A heritage. But also on a guide on how to live with people struck by grief.

"Model-View-Update Communicate, session types meet the Elm-Architecture" by Simon Fowler

Links is a functional programming languages with effect handler (using monadic style) and session type.

The paper describes the Elm Architecture as a Lambda calculus and add support for Session Types in the MVU pattern.

I'm not really aware of "is Links" really usable but I'm a very big fan of what they do in a "theorical approach" of web programming!

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You say
"shard is a brilliant idea, hae you thought about incorporating as part of your site in some way? I've been scratching my head lately wondering if there isn't a way I could aggregate messages from twtxt with a specific hashtag and display them as comments on xxiivv."

It is exactly on what I work with Phragment :)

Drawing a small cover for "brainfocaml", my Brainfuck compiler (in OCaml of course :) )

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Alexandria: The forgotten pioneers of the web - Quentin Jardon

Very nice and intersting history of the web

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