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I'm essentially programmer.
I love functional programming and some OO Languages (OCaml, Elm, Elixir/Erlang, IO, F#).
I like painting on walls with sprays.
I love FOSS (ideally with a good UI).

- I was born in India
- I'm belgian (and I lived 22 years in Brussels)
- I live in Lille (France)
- I work in Paris (France)

You can checkout some projects, paintings and blog-posts on my webpage (in French):

Very glad to be here !

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I have released 1.3.0 of my project management software TAPE. It has some great new features and very proud of it

I've started a public todo-list on my website:

The tasks are managed via a small CLI and produces (and updates) tasks:

And I display the tasklist into a dedicated page.

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Found this amazing and concise styling guide for Metric recipes: (currently converting grimgrains)
I've wandered to the other parts of that guy's website and holy shit, he's amazing *__*

I've start "concrete" implementation of "Task" in my exocortex!
The CLI to deal with Task is done. As other structure of Planet, it is represented as a SExp tree.

I've to start the UI!

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Damn, I forgot how good this presentation was!

Inventing on Principle ~ Bret Victor

Happy new year Mervillians!
I finish the year with a French press of Costa Rica beans!

First extraction using a Syphon. New time, I'll grind more beans. (the coffee come from Burundi)

Propp is a nice introduction. But if Structural analysis of story interests you, you should give a try to Barthes, Greimas, Bremond, Eco, Gritti, Morin, Metz, Todorov and Genette in Comunication 8!

Just rewatching DUNE by Jodorowsky. A very inspiring documentary about the never produced project Dune.

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@xvw haha I also recently found it and tried it, still getting to be fluent with it, but really loving it, works flawlessly on both linux and win10, plus, it has support for Atom, currently my favourite editor

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Studies show that human factors most influence the quality of our work. So why do we put so much stake in technical solutions?

The epistemology of software quality

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Field distortions are starting to look really sweet
I need to work on, y'know, the actual game bits at some point

Music in background: "Stability in a House of Cards" by Aegon The Trill

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