Web design is a lot more easy when you're not trying to sell people crap they don't need.

(w/ full respect to web designers(i have worn that hat a lot too) - it can be a uniquely challenging kind design even without the commercial constraints. just commenting that imperative of marketing makes it a lot more complicated than it needs to be )

There are hard problems. But there are also problems that are hard only because the designers are operating in a flawed frame. Most people spend their lives working within the frames crafted for them by their employers, never seeking out their own.

(In fact, If you operate outside of a commercial frame, the solution often is to do nothing - creating unnecessary things too often adds needless noise and discord to the world.)

The three gates of speech, but for a holistic, ecological awareness when deciding whether you should create a new tool, toy, product, program, etc.

h/t @neauoire

@yoshiki @neauoire hadn't heard of "the three gates of speech", but it seems to be based on a Buddhist thing I had heard of.

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