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hello, it's me! i'm a nonbinary artist and athlete. i draw unrecognizable things with markers. i make improvised music on a modular synthesizer. i create my own instruments. nice to meet you

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gaah, really feeling frustrated by technology. so many popups. so much bloat. not enough ports on devices. blarggghhhh grumpy

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standing waiting for the bus, listening to hannah peel's ecovocative. It's a beautiful day here.

my dad ( @RoyGreenhilt ) made me a circle of fifths clock from scratch!

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the nonbinary urge to learn a new programming language even though you are at best novice level with like 4

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i'm pretty comfortable in my clothes, and i feel like they're pretty andro in nature, but given my body it comes off really masc. just musing about how to play with that perception :)

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i am amab. i do manual labor every day so i have a very athletic physique (broad shoulders and chest, narrow waist and hips) i'm oversensitive to clothing, i.e. i need to be able to squat, run, stretch and cycle in anything i wear.

rn everyday i wear slim jeans, a band tee, pullover hoodie, fleece vest if cold, hair in a bandana. canvas boots or birkenstocks.

given all that... how would you move that in a more androgynous/femme direction while keeping it extremely comfortable and practical? :)

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no more centralised tech. no more decentralised tech. we need anticentralised tech. make shit that's so hostile and useless that no corporation can possibly touch it. create dadaist programming tools

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I don't think you should be trans or have to out yourself as trans or have to identify as trans to have access to any gender affirming care.

I think it should be easily accessible and covered by healthcare for every single person, cis, trans, or otherwise.

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my take on pirating things is like. if the person who's selling the thing owns a house? well, i don't

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Buy used, when you buy.

Repair things when you can.

Stop consuming media that was produced by billionaires and invest your time in open content.

Create open content.

Share the thing you've created with your friends.

Write a blog, instead of posting to facebook. Use mastodon instead of twitter.

Buy your food locally, and when it's in season.

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I miss dorky little websites all linked by web-rings, where people would write about their special interests and host files and stuff. Web-rings kicked ass actually.

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December is a time for dark folk music. Here is a performance preparing for my first in person gig electronic gig I have in Edinburgh in a few weeks. Being my first ever electronic gig, I decided I would spend most of it playing an ancient folk instrument...

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