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gaah, really feeling frustrated by technology. so many popups. so much bloat. not enough ports on devices. blarggghhhh grumpy

@neauoire @winduptoy that sounds very cool, does it exist electronically?

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very fun boardgame 

@cblgh such a fun one! really intense and rewarding

standing waiting for the bus, listening to hannah peel's ecovocative. It's a beautiful day here.

my dad ( @RoyGreenhilt ) made me a circle of fifths clock from scratch!

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the nonbinary urge to learn a new programming language even though you are at best novice level with like 4

@tehn seems great to me, and very on-brand for halfhidden :))

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@nune thanks so much!! i drew it a long time ago :)

i'm pretty comfortable in my clothes, and i feel like they're pretty andro in nature, but given my body it comes off really masc. just musing about how to play with that perception :)

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i am amab. i do manual labor every day so i have a very athletic physique (broad shoulders and chest, narrow waist and hips) i'm oversensitive to clothing, i.e. i need to be able to squat, run, stretch and cycle in anything i wear.

rn everyday i wear slim jeans, a band tee, pullover hoodie, fleece vest if cold, hair in a bandana. canvas boots or birkenstocks.

given all that... how would you move that in a more androgynous/femme direction while keeping it extremely comfortable and practical? :)

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no more centralised tech. no more decentralised tech. we need anticentralised tech. make shit that's so hostile and useless that no corporation can possibly touch it. create dadaist programming tools

@anarceus agree, call me crazy but trans people aren't the only ones with gender!

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I don't think you should be trans or have to out yourself as trans or have to identify as trans to have access to any gender affirming care.

I think it should be easily accessible and covered by healthcare for every single person, cis, trans, or otherwise.

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