Zach Krall boosted open #livecode residency call. I’m sure there are plenty of people in here that would find this interesting!

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everyone knows about serifs, but did you know that every other piece of the letter also has a specific name? check out this rad chart!!

isn’t the idea that anyone can submit any changes and then they can be approved by maintainers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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there’s some nonsense happening on the bird site where apparently people are being gatekeepers of open source

i think i need to just clear my entire notion workspace and start from scratch

published a CLI this week for creating PNGs from p5.js sketches. First time working with a browser emulator. Probably could make this more efficient somehow tho.

This has been overdue but my name is Zach :) I live in NYC. I like to make creative coding tools and generative art. Mostly JS but have lightly ventured into things like Rust and took a class this semester that required Python. I am about to finish my MFA from Parsons School of Design and am now like scared about finding a job 👀 But mostly just focusing on not isolating myself despite the pandemic. So, hello!

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Human-curated playlists are 100% the best way to discover and connect with good music.

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i want to write a proper introduction post today too, i’ve been kind of nervous about messing it up lol

have a skype call schedule with my thesis advisors from last semester where i’ll get to tell them how i think choosing this program was probably a mistake 😞

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so I don't feel like I did great work in my thesis class last semester, I sort identified an area to work within but I don't think I did enough experimentation

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Rename your git branches from "master" to "main" challenge 2020

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Here's a great interactive book if you'd like to learn about shaders:

i just realized i haven't taken the subway in three weeks!

had a stress dream about some unexpected building maintenance on the facade of my apt ruining all of my personal stuff 🙃

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