* Colly: scraping for go (with spider):

* Scrapely: Python scraping framework based around example based wrapper induction

* scrapey, chrome extension for interactive scraping

* scrapey, a nodejs scraper

* scrapey, a ruby based scraper

* scrapy, a python based scraping framework.

* scraping is legal, right?

i really like javascript and the web. I like being able to make little interactive multimedia programs, and set them up so the only thing i need to do to show someone else is send them a link, and it’s running on their computer instantaneously. I don’t think the alternative platforms offer a nicer experience.

but i understand that a lot of people really don’t like the enabling of surveilance and overly heavy frameworks. i wish there were a browser that enabled the former but not thenlatter.

Researching new ways to write software that make it easier for newcomers to understand rather than for insiders to maintain. Build easy, reward curiosity, encourage lots of forks, delete unused features, more antifragile society. akkartik.name/about

Current project: github.com/akkartik/mu

Rather than start with a desired syntax, Mu starts from the processor's instruction set and tries to get to _some_ safe and clear syntax with as few layers of translation as possible.

@stolas proud to prove my journalistic integrity by being impartial about my right to exist in public

nerd snipe (doesnt work on mobile) 

dug into the back of the bookmarks hoard and found this website again recursivedrawing.com/

slides from the talk i am preparing about the aesthetic experiments i did w lo-fi shaders last year... id love to get back to it

dreamt that Sony had these 3 mascots names Sago Sonny and Minty. vaguely reminiscent of the pep boys, but with flesh colored octopus bodies.

Sonny was on loan detail. when you purchased a large item, Somny would haunt you like a vindictive yokai until you paid it off, Flailing its angry tentacles at you for each due date you missed.

if things got really bad, he would swap your children for goblin doppelgängers and force you to play the ghostbusters home videogame. the bad one.

Good morning everyone and goats! For day 27 of #Nicetober - Look disabled people in the eyes, and see the person inside, not the #disability. And please, don't crowd or touch people in a #wheelchair!


QT EFF: Youtube-dl is a legitimate tool with a world of a lawful uses. Demanding its removal from Github is a disappointing and counterproductive move by the RIAA. github.com/github/dmca/blob/ma

Unfortunately nobody can be told what a #SwedishPizza is.

You have two choices: Take the Margherita and stay in Wonderland, or take this curry banana pizza with fries and sauce bearnaise, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

I think it's very important to refute the claim that surveillance platforms "know us" just because they do the digital equivalent of rummaging through our garbage - they want to believe they hold the keys to reality, even if all they really care about is pushing more ads.
But it's also true that we *do* show them tiny bits of our soul, inadvertently, to which they are as useless and uncomprehending as a tapeworm beholding the aurora borealis.

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