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hey y’all. i started an alt account @bri_seven so that I can put my endless selfies and trans shit there, and keep this account a little bit more towards weird techy thoughts and artwork posting. sound cool? we’ll see.

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Hi, I’m Bri Luci Seven, Pick a name. They seem to have different personalities. it's a fun thing. Just go with it. Artist, creative coder, designer, craftsperson. Though lately I seem to be just another narcissistic trans woman. You've been warned.

Talentless, but enthusiastic. I ♥️ all my friends.

my day job is digital gardener, I fix broken html5 things, know everything about javascript, and will get really sad if you say anything mean about it. I wrote the epic UX thread

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the model of conversation I prefer is treat everything you hear from everyone as unproven and suspect. it’s up to YOU to manage your own beliefs. don’t offload that work onto other people, especially if you intend to reject any evidence they do offer.

believe me or don’t believe me. i don’t care. just don’t be a dick about it.

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« Skin color carried different values and meanings in antiquity, some of which would be unrecognizable to us today. The Greek physician Hippocrates and his disciples promoted the idea that a person's physical and mental makeup are determined by their humors (phlegm, blood, and yellow and black bile), which are in turn determined by the climate. According to a Hippocratic text designed to guide traveling doctors, the cold, wet climates of northern Europe blanched skin and produced moisture, which in turn made people dim-witted. The hot sun in Egypt and Ethiopia, by contrast, darkened the skin and dried out the humors, making Africans highly intelligent. This worldview can be seen in some Roman scientific manuals. "The southern nations," wrote Roman author, architect, and military engineer Vitruvius, "are quick in understanding and sagacious in council." Lamented the Roman author Vegetius, "We were always inferior to the Africans in wealth and unequal to them in deception and stratagem."
The End of Bias: A Beginning »
Via @bryankam

i wonder if i’ll get a bunch of dudes telling me I am wrong about this too

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a “blog” for those not in the know, is netspeak for a slower kinder internet gossip machine. the name is a portmanteau of “Big” and “Flog”

if you’re typescript oriented, typescript-json-schema will actually convert your typescript types into json-schema

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@changeling It's only cool when... Read More

Yeah when that doesn't happen.

hey: did you know that RSS was invented to turn websites into fully immersive VR environments? it’s trueee. how exciting!

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the sheer number of people not getting the point of this and compulsively chasing away younger people from possibly being interested in RSS is impressive.

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in terms of my UI rules, it does leave a bit to be desired. but sometimes any gui is better than no gui.

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there is also schema-guru (unmaintained) for generating json-schema from examples. there’s react-jsonschema-form from mozilla that does a similar thing to json-edit but as a react component if that’s the sorta thing you like.


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there have been a number of fully useful web apps that have been in service for years that i have built where the bulk of the actual code I wrote was just the example json files i wanted, plus a bit of tuning.

talk about rapid application development ! i can make a whole content authoring tool in a day with these!

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i just want to point out how amazingly good json-editor is

you feed it a json-schema and it generates a web form that generates a conforming json object.

i don’t like writing json-schema by hand, so
I use to generate it from example json, then tune the schema after the fact.

and since json schema has a json schema, i can even feed the generated json schema along with the json schema schema into json editor to use a web form for tuning it

so have you heard of this cool new thing called RSS? it’s like podcasts but for articles. you should check it out!

ai art: hellraiser happy meal toys 

the lament configuration happy meal toys

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learning that there were devices that falsely claimed to have “wavetable synthesis” that were in fact sympler based synthesizers. the critical difference being that a sampler stores an entire sound, then performs dsp for different pitches, envelopes, reverbs. a wavetable stores a single cycle of a bunch of different sounds and tweens between the different single cycle waves to produce an evolving soundwave

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did any game consoles other than snes use a wavetable synthesis chip? (as opposed to software wavetable synthesis)

I am always striving to become a better more communicative human and make better posts. Here is what I have done:

- bug fixes and performance improvements

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