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Having received the Covid vaccine, I wake to find myself transformed into a monstrous microchip. As I lie here unable to move from my bed, staring up at my giant pins as they twitch in the air, I contemplate whether I will ever be able to return to my job as a software engineer.

Folders: an esolang written in directory structures

Folders is a programming language that doesn't use any text; programs are encoded into a directory structure. All files within are ignored, as are the names of the folders. Commands and expressions are encoded by the pattern of folders within folders

This is what makes the clicking noise that emits from a geiger-counter's Geiger-Müller tube

the whole point of freedom of speech is to criticise power. if you're not criticising powerful people you're just letting it go to waste.

100% of humans who drink water die.

100% of humans who *don't* drink water die.

That's how fucking invasive Big Water is :blobfoxglare:

Say hello to everyone's new favorite intelligent user interface and desktop companion, Dyzzy

Made for the House of Peeps #ThrowbackChallenge

i've never seen someone perform in this way with a 64 button controller, seems like there might be a backing track too, respect for the musicianship here

Shawn Wasabi: Marble Soda

A game where no one wins and there is no end.

turns out the cassette recorder i got is part of this computer/printer/casette recorder set. should I try and collect ‘em all?

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59. Please don't use confirmation dialogues, but if for some reason you absolutely must, don't sleepwalk through writing the the messages and the button labels. Don't just label them "okay" and "cancel" Without thinking about whether that wording harmonises with the message text. If possible, label the buttons as what they actually do, specifically.

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I scream internally every time I update stuff through the App Store on iOS. Individual updates are shown as BUTTONS, so actions. Good. Update all is a goddam fucking LINK. So NOT an action. I blame this as the remaining factor in my refractory hypertension (having quit coffee). Ping @zens

58. more on episodic memory

ever stand up to do something, walk into another toom and forget what you were doing?

it turns out there’s a reason for this. since human memory is organised around episodes, experiments have found that walking through a door is a trigger for ending an episode- the result? short term memory is cleared and primed for new input.

what triggers exist in software? how often have you picked up your phone to do something, saw a notification and lost your flow?

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57. Negativity Bias
related/mentioned in #35.
humans are wired to notice and remember negative experiences more strongly than they notice or remember positive experiences. negative yelp reviews are more likely than positive yelp reviews. if your software is successful at being easy to use, it will be invisible, and most people won’t remember it.

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for a short time in the 1990’s, Casio had a game console for girls called the casio loopy.

it had a built in sticker printer, and an add on for video still capture.

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