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the debugging plots for this optimisation experiment turned out to be way more interesting than the experiment itself.

what’s a good (or bad) algorithm for automatically generating 8 or 16 colour palette from 5 colour palette

A perspective we disagree with is seen by fallacy as a Take

A perspective we agree with is seen by fallacy as Data

It's important to recognize the human' mind's cognitive bias towards confirming information and push back against that bias when needed

the obvious keywords don’t seem to bring up anything relevant and haven’t over the course of many hears I have attempted to search for this thing. i need either the artist’s name or someone who has seen this thing before.

at this point I am not 100% sure I want to find it, and instead want to reverse engineer whatever design principle supposedly made it possible for these designs to combine and not clash. a special grid? extensive testing?

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a thing I saw years ago, but it’s been driving me nuts trying to find it again as I can’t seem to get the keywords right.
in an art museum book store there was a box of 180 transparencies with various designs and colour blocks printed on them, and they had a kind if dutch or finnish design flavor to them.
the idea behind it was in a frame you could combine them in any orientation or order and the layering would probably result in a pleasing composition of waves, snowflakes, owls, abstract shapes

I can’t help it… time to get back to the “Insane Full-Throttle Publishing IPHONE ONLY Workflow” …workflow… guide. here begins its thread (can’t remember if I’d already started one.)

Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

Made my own very simple archiving system on top of pandoc and readability, as an offiline, CLI alternative to products like Mozilla's Pocket. And with a different ethos: of building a personal library.

It's a very simple script wrapping around readability. Removes all ads, header, nav, footer, etc and saves a clean HTML article (with your choice or default CSS), as well as an epub file and markdown file.

every day, every second, "fetch this, store that, no now store this other byte" and they're exactly the same bytes! why did you tell me to store the same thing over and over and fill up my command queue

it's not called a "suggestion queue" is it. or an "affection queue" or even an "appreciation queue".

that right there tells you all you need to know about the power dynamics inherent in the situation even WITHOUT getting into those Problematic Dipswitches.

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I've been researching very small raster fonts for wasmbox and stumbled across a real life example of a 3x4 pixel font while out walking. It even supports subpixel rendering 😉

“cryptocurrency” is not currency. it has none of the essential or useful features of currency. you might as well be trading bags of rice or krugerands

STOP TRYING TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF DEBATE ONLINE. no right-thinking person goes onto online to find strangers to "debate" with. real people, ordinary, decent people, have only come online to view gifs of skeletons fucking

the apple carbon accessibility APIs

deprecated as hell, but it's how to add accessibility to mac classic apps. maybe. did mac classic os have accessibility?

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