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things user/profile systems fuck up, bad assumptions
- the user will never delete their account
- the user should be expected to individually delete their posts
- the user will never change their legal name
- the user will never change their email address
- the user will never change their phone number
- if they do change those things, surely they will think to use our change info ui before getting rid of their old name/phone number/email address
- the same as above, but with SSO linkages

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hey y’all. i started an alt account @bri_seven so that I can put my endless selfies and trans shit there, and keep this account a little bit more towards weird techy thoughts and artwork posting. sound cool? we’ll see.

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Hi, I’m Bri Luci Seven, Pick a name. They seem to have different personalities. it's a fun thing. Just go with it. Artist, creative coder, designer, craftsperson. Though lately I seem to be just another narcissistic trans woman. You've been warned.

Talentless, but enthusiastic. I ♥️ all my friends.

my day job is digital gardener, I fix broken html5 things, know everything about javascript, and will get really sad if you say anything mean about it. I wrote the epic UX thread

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the model of conversation I prefer is treat everything you hear from everyone as unproven and suspect. it’s up to YOU to manage your own beliefs. don’t offload that work onto other people, especially if you intend to reject any evidence they do offer.

believe me or don’t believe me. i don’t care. just don’t be a dick about it.

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you don't hate javascript, you hate badly written software :dont_at_me:

From a non-boostable post:
"Mipui is an open source web app that enables you to create grid-based maps for role-playing games, and it works great for virtual and physical tabletops alike."

It's also free software, and a Node.js application, in case you think about self-hosting.

Playing with @aeva 's tangerine over lunch today after getting it working under linux. Fun little SDF playground, keen to see where it leads.

so have you heard of this cool new thing called RSS? it’s like podcasts but for articles. you should check it out!

Gender euphoria and dysphoria as concepts 

@ghost_bird @juliana maybe we should take a lesson and change our name from trans to euphorics

The shower head in my hotel room has RGB LED lights that change colour with temperature of the water. What a marvellous future we all live in

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Object Oriented Programming is a popular orientation paradigm based around the concept of programming

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Object Oriented Programming is a popular programming paradigm based around the concept of orientations, and objective analysis of them

Login to github with new browser, new network -> confirmation code sent to gmail account -> login to gmail -> confirmation code sent to a second email

this thought brought to you by being made hyper aware of my feet by shoes i am not used to

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feet are so weird. they’re just little lopsided sacks of bone marbles.
hey let’s repurpose an entire joint dedicate it just for balancing upright!

sometimes it really was a team effort and not the work of a single heroic genius

Me working with computers:

"spirit of this machine, heed my will..."

#craft one bucket hat finished! I've been making these orange bucket hats, thinking of Wayward Strand. They're made from a bunch of orange scraps I bought from a shop in Adelaide. And then the inside is a bee print! 🐝 I think is suitable for wayward because they're busy, they're part of a team, and also they bumble about the sky haha!
This is one, I finished last night. The other is almost finished!

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- the user is fine with a permanent and immutable URL being generated from their full name.

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