What is currently the most accessible, lightweight (clientside) and simple to implement, HTML+CSS framework for web-apps?

Primarily for a web-app for mobile use.

Not looking for JavaScript platforms, but if it has some small JS-requirements thats OK.

To be integrated in a fully serverside rendered web-app.

@flockingbird tailwind or bootstrap are good options generally speaking if you don’t want to touch javascript.

beyond that, would help to know what the most complicated UI feature you intend to have would be.

@zens The goal is to build our entire web-app, but that is far away; and I don't mind switching to something else along the route (react, native, wasm, some other CSS framework).

For now, the direct aim is to build a Proof of Concept and maybe even the MVP. Screens for the far-away goal are on figma: figma.com/file/CgDIaLgjwVLPzw1 (work in progress!)

@flockingbird I wouldn’t want to overprovision a framework with more complexity overhead than you need. underprovisioning with less than you need can cause issues too. some of what i see here would probably eventually need a reactive framework. I personally am not a fan of react.js.

for a prototype though, yeah, a css framework will probably be fine, but maybe more UI oriented than tailwind or bootstrap. you’ve got mobile app looking things there.

@zens I'm familiar with react, but don't particularly like it. I love redux, though. Also familiar with angular 1; onfortunately.

Haven't used svelte or vue. But all of those are, for this, I guess, overprovisioned. Maybe in some future when we can afford to hire dedicated frontend-devs it will fit.

But even then, serverside rendered HTML will remain of paramount importance; as outlined in previous toot about SEO.

@flockingbird you might be amenable to the approach taken by basecamp for their hey.com email service: very traditional ordinary server side rendered ruby on rails app, made to feel like a fancy shmancy javascript thing using turbolinks and trix. more details here dev.to/borama/a-few-sneak-peek

@zens I'm a big fan on DHH and his approaches.
Been doing Rails development since before 1.0 :).

Yet for flockingbird I'm using Sinatra: ActiveRecord is just too unfit for our event-sourced (reactive?) use of ActivityPub.

And indeed, JS would be "sprinkled on top of the HTML+CSS" to make it work just a tad smoother or dynamic. Vanilla JS or even jQuery is probably more than enough.




Yep, these seem like they could work. And where they don't, they seem extendible enough in their approach.

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@zens I've been using semantic-UI for some courses and love it so far. Thanks for confirming!

Don't know the other two, but'll give them a spin next week. Thanks for your time, also!

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