The plain text project, a listing of tools to help you do most of your work using plain text files.

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@zens This project is a big inspiration for my daily workflow, though the tools list is a bit outdated I find. is an awesome tidbit that I always forget about.

@inscript that’s cool. though it doesn’t really account for people emailing me and demanding that such and such is urgent and must be done now, an experience that is unfortunately extending into my leave day today

@zens Sorry to hear that. True, it doesn't apply there but I think in more independent/autonomous/"what is it you do again" situations, it's a helpful reminder. Someone on bird recently said something like "I find I can really only do one thing per day, regardless of the size" which rings true for me (in a work context), so having a prioritization workflow that validates that capacity is helpful.

@inscript agreed. absolutely- and though i haven’t done exactly what this page suggests i have done similar practices to some great success, for as long as my attention span holds up, which is usually about to the next major crisis which happens with some regularity for some reason.

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