@zens It is also a collaborative project. The GNOME Foundation doesn't pay any other developer than a GTK one, and the GTK team is already overworked.

"Okay. Well, how much money should I pay for someone to fix this then? I’m legit offering a bounty here."

This is probably going to be a large amount, because the most expensive thing is developer time. I'll try to pull some strings to see if someone is knowledgeable and available to do it.

@thibaultamartin it's not my article, nor do I use gnome. But I am sure the author @anjum will appreciate it.

@thibaultamartin @zens Apparently there are one off fixes, I'm reading. What is essential, is that fix also is merged into master and available for everyone, packaged everywhere, etc, which might I guess is the hardest part. All I got is $1500.

@zens @anjum someone had to say this: there are thumbnails in the KDE file picker

@paolog indeed, @anjum did. in the article he wrote. that i linked to.

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