Someone probably has already put together the canonical list of demoscene effects, but here's my go:

3d sprites
"voxel" landscape
perlin noise
wiggly scroller
ear peircing arpeggios
3d tunnel
3d checkerboard thingy
palette cycling a 2d xor plot

am I missing anything?

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a few more
- glass (palette shifting makes something look translucent)
- mandlebrot or other fractal
- interference pattern
- shade bobs
- "infinite" sprites
- rubber cube
- sine scroller
- bad apple (fast 1 bit video)
- fire/feedback blur
- new "color mode" (fucking around during horizontal blanks)

then there's a handful of "classic" demo effects that are kinda just normal boring 3d graphics techniques now
- Environment mapping
- bump mapping
- dynamic lighting
- phong shading
- texture mapping
- anti-aliasing.
- particle effects

and then there's just plain flatshaded or wireframe 3D or rotoscoped vector animation, which is mainly impressive on old machines because it was just so difficult to get that stuff to … well.. work at all on 8-bit micros, or even amigas!

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