the Merveilles TRRRRRRRRRS connector-
concept art on request

now with an image description because i should have included one in the first place

i suppose this is a little unfair since it’s kind of a sight gag.

TRRRRRRRRRRR is a little funny though.

@moiety names for the thing include
"Phone Jack"
"Headphone Plug"
"Guitar Jack"
or in this case, "TS", "TRS", "TRRS", short for "Tip Ring (x N) Sleeve" with a varying number of Rs depending on the number of conductive segments.

@moiety the "joke" is that we should just add more rings to that connector instead of having stupid unreliable connectors like USB-Micro or Lightening. A bit tongue in cheek because the connector has its own serious issues.

@zens why is it that everything that goes into a hole has to be shaped like this...

@thor physics and fluid dynamics plus any pricess that optimises for, to use an old archaic germanic english term, “fucking”

@thor if you’ve ever seen a “mushroom cloud” or the way dye behaves when it is dropped in water, you know it goes for a bit, then is stopped by the viscosity of the water and pushed back, where it forms curls. my guess is if a penetrating object has a little bit of a ridge to make space for that “pushed back” fluid to go, penetrating is made a bit more efficient. and we also know that the ridge functions to pull fluid out on retraction as well.

@thor but in this case it just needs a round tip for easy insertion, and a ridge for a spring latch to click/lock onto.

@thor i am sure a mathematician somewhere has converged on the platonically perfect phallus and dicovered that the curve of the head is a bachistochrome or something.

@zens I found it rather droll. And thank you for reminding me that I need to order a new jack for my guitar that lasted all of 2 days. (It is a cheap guitar).

@grumpysmiffy the build quality of the socket, and thus the strength and durability of the internal spring can be a huge factor.

but also, in a humid environment like mine, any exposed metal simply corrodes very rapidly. my electronics collection has become something of a graveyard since moving to sydney

@zens I've been advised of a better replacement brand which I can get quickly, but there's a US outfit that doubles up the contacts - specifically for guitar use, so will get one ordered for longer-term use.

And can believe that about SYD - I found it like a sauna in the winter.

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