anyone else as obsessed with the sharp MZ charset as I am?

what’s especially interesting to me is the inclusion of circuit diagram characters, which i am not aware of in any other charset. but i don’t know how to find specific documents or software that use those characters

@zens this video has a very interesting comment about the origin of the character set

Stuart Pirie
10 months ago (edited)
Hi. This is quite a coincidence - I am the original coder of games 26 and 40, which I wrote in 1983 when I was 16! I live in Scotland, and Knight's Computers there sold lots of MZ-700s. We had a strong relationship with Sharp Japan and we coded up the character set ROM for them which include these ghosts, etc, and 4 characters which when put together make a knight. I was googling around to see if I could find any of my old games to show my son, who is now learning programming. It's great to see these up here!

@zens the letters and numbers appear to be very close, if not the same, to the font used in the Casio calculators

@zens uhm, what's up with the swastika (page 2, B1) and the algiz rune (page 2, B5)?

@guenther i think they’re just box drawing characters. i’m squinting and i don’t see a swastika

@zens I tidied these up (one was jpg encoded?), unscaled them and combined them into a single image if anyone else wants to use them for something.

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