Just to be clear: the whole logo is implemented using a single ::before and single ::after pseudo-element on a single <div>.

No special fonts involved either.

No specific HTML structure needed for this, the CSS is enough to add this logo to any HTML element.

The fact that things like Font Awesome exist (and are popular!), that not only need special markup, and a special font, but *also* JavaScript to display some simple icons is mind-boggling.

If you're into that, please at least use #ForkAwesome, which does not require the JavaScript part!

Web development is a sad joke. I should implement more logos and icons in pure #CSS, just to show what's possible.

@zens @rysiek

I dislike the use of color emoji in fonts; there should be a seperate thingy for that. Like, fonts and spritesheets should be 2 seperate resources, the monochrome vector version of the emoji should be the default, and unicode should provide a means by shich you can insert characters from a spritesheat using an existing control character or ANSI sequence, such as ⌤[Y (single graphic character introducer)

@TransGal4872 @rysiek that’s pretty much already how emoji unicode already works, with the exception that there’s two control codes, one to switch a text character to emoji presentation, and one to do the opposite, and a database of default presentations.


the font formats themselves are just ordinary open type things with a set of svg or png files stitched to the end.

@zens @rysiek

if you don't use a control code, it displays the color version; the least astonishing behavior would be to display the B&W vector version

@TransGal4872 @rysiek that is an argument that has already been had and lost. the colour emoji are expected to be colour by default by japanese phone users. the characters in the bmp that *were* monochrome by default but changed to colour, you may find, actually have a colour presentation character tacked on by the emoji keyboard

@TransGal4872 @rysiek for more information about how colour fonts themselves work, i just found


you may find that the world isn’t quite as bad as you thought.

@zens @TransGal4872 @rysiek hmmmmmm

I wonder if I could get my terminal to use these and have it render properly

@zens @TransGal4872 @rysiek This seems familiar. Didn't we have this on the #amiga 25 years ago?

@murph @TransGal4872 @rysiek i don’t know. probably. if so, Jack Tremiel can pick up his consolation prize at the door

@murph @TransGal4872 @rysiek anyone can just invent a color font format. nothing special about that really. the real trick is getting every operating system and browser to use the *same* standard font format, which is finally happening for the first time.

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