Noirlac is a tumblr blog that posts ditherpunk era “pixel art”’

here’s a tumblr that reposts noirlac and *cites their sources*


there’s a style of computer art which gets called “pixel art” but i don’t think that quite fits, at least not with the modern conception of the term. in pc88 art no one was trying to do “pixel art”, they were just trying to make their normal art look good in a limited medium.
but we don’t really have the vocabulary to make the distinction between someone who is working against the limitations of a medium and someone who is embracing the limitations as their own aesthetic

@zens I know what you mean. Contemporary pixel artists have much more to do with mosaic art than original designers working with 8 bits

@zens wow, what a throwback. i remember this blog from back in the tumblr days. i think your point about media limitations is interesting, and can translate also to the "scene" of analog & computer-based video art in the past and present. people working in the medium back in the early days were a lot more limited, but they also chose to work in a new medium and ended up becoming pioneers.

@zens My father was a computer graphic designer working in the 1980s when computer graphics first became commercialized. He did graphic design for television news media using the Quantel Paintbox, and we had a Commodore 64 at home because he vainly hoped he would be able to use it for freelance work.

In any case, I got a headful of exposure to "dither art" as a child, and I'm down with this being a distinct medium(?) from "pixel art".

@zens My childhood computer nostalgia trip is boxes and boxes of floppy disks filled with dither art, fonts, and later clip art.

@vortex_egg i have taken to calling the style “ditherpunk”, which is a phrase i haven fallen in love with ever since i saw someone on birdsite use it.

the old pixelart gatekeepers used to call it “index painting” though, usually in a sneer

@zens I think I'll stick with dither art. The -punk suffix doesn't do anything for me, but I respect if others want to use it.

This is a pretty cool article though:

Now I want to play this game.

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