Guan Yin, trans non binary buddhist diety. will appear as a man or as a woman depending on what kind of scolding you happen to need on your adventures

the famous Loki, trans non binary mischief diety. here shown in the only known depiction done by the actual people who believed in loki. it is apparently a mystery why nothing was named after loki, or why there are so few depictions.
perhaps they didn’t want to summon a trickster god

Ishtar was goddess of.. I guess a version of sex work that is sex positive. free of christian/victorian ideas about sex as something shameful. To ishtar and her worshippers, sex is magic, sex is power, sex is life.

she herself does not seem to be trans or non binary, but an akkadian cult of ishtar worshippers called Gala believed she had the power to turn them into women, and that’s how they lived, as women, and having sex with men as an act of power and worship.

P.S. Ishtar isn’t Easter

occasionally shiva will do a crystal gem dance with parvati to merge and become a big crystal fusion named Ardhanarishvara, half man half woman

The staff of caduceus is not just any magic wand. It’s *the* magic wand. the template upon which all magic wands are based.

it was accidentally created by a man named Tiresias. He was wandering the forest and came upon two snakes copulating. he struck them with his walking staff which annoyed hera, who then turned him into a woman.

7 years later one way or another, Hermes took posession of the staff- which turned Hermes into a woman (Hermaphrodite), and returned tiresias to being a man.

so, Hermes was a god of the crossroads. also kind of a trickster god. strangely similar to Loki in many ways really. so, the way finding posts you’d find at crossroads got nicknamed “herma”, and, for reasons lost to time, people decided these needed to have erect penises attached. then busts of hermes got stuck on top.

occasionally, these stone dicks would fall off leaving a hole. I can only speculate here, but it seems like a series of visual jokes over centuries.
finally, hermaphrodite

the roman god mercury, is the romanised version of hermes and shares much of this history.

☿ the symbol of mercury is the staff of caduceus that transformed him into a woman. the modern english word “mercurial” refers to someone whith wild mood swings and a changable… mind. this word “mercurial” was used to describe loki by disney in the synopsis for the loki tv series.

the magician card features the staff of caduceus, implying symbolically that those who can “go between worlds” are magical

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a secret society with membership that included Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Aleister Crowley; believed that there was a lost book of magic written by Hermes (thus their name) called The Book of Thoth (because they believed Hermes was a real person, a sorcerer, who was referred to as Thoth in Egypt)

attached is the Rebis, an image they traded which is an alchemical formula encoded as imagery, to create the philosopher’s stone.

@aynish thanks, it’s uhm, I didn’t plan it as a thread. the transgender gods just kinda decided they wanted me to list them.

@zens the latin text at the bottom says "Two heads are better than one"

@woozong i made a mistake in my image caption too. at the bottom is three snakes coiled around the hermaphrodite’s feet

interesting, so it's both Rebis (depicted aochemical symbol) and rebus (a visual riddle)

@tomasteck i don’t know if it’s a rebus but i guess it mught be. rhyming slag was a common way to encrypt alchemist recipes; e.g, eye of newt; toe of frog weren’t the real ingredients

@clacke there is some extremely circumstantial evidence that “Loki” evolved into the modern english word “Joke”, and possibly “Boogey Man” and “Bogey” via celtic oral tradition

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