Medical, MH 

It's 2 years since I was recovering from a hypomanic episode, triggered by sustained high dosage use of corticosteroids (dexamethasone) which I was on to keep me out of hospital due to a very grim flare-up of a sinus infection.

I was picked up by an EXCELLENT rural MH system, with a remote psychiatrist, and fortnightly appointments with a local MH nurse. Until the system fell apart, and the nurse was removed from the area, at the stroke of an accountant's pen.


Medical, MH 

@zens I know a few, and hold them blameless. It's the arseholes in government that task them to find these cuts.

Medical, MH 

@grumpysmiffy All the best systems of oppression operate by diffusion of responsibility. Technically no one's to blame, and the government people have good excuses too.

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