It is so nice when technology works.

Got myself some train tickets (I like trains! 🚆 ), confirmation went to my e-mail address which I self-host using @yunohost.

I read the e-mail in the Mail app on my @nextcloud instance (on the same yunohost server), and of course it helpfully suggested I add the travel dates and relevant info into my Nextcloud calendar.

We *can* have nice things. Anyone who says #FLOSS cannot be user-friendly is lying through their teeth.

@rysiek @nextcloud @yunohost But interoperation is an important part of that, instead of creating multiple independent ecosystems. And that's where things get messy.

@Zergling_man @nextcloud @yunohost sure, but my experience, as described in my toot, is exactly that of interoperability between a train tickets vendor, my e-mail system, my MUA, and my calendar app.


@rysiek @Zergling_man @nextcloud @yunohost “ecosystems” in that sense is a capitalist pr rebranding - the true name is “lock in”.

back before around 2009 we used to have these things called “standards” instead.

@zens @Zergling_man @nextcloud @yunohost and we should get them back. Services like Nextcloud and tools like Yunohost are a good way to start.

My experience with Nextcloud (and that's... years at this point) is that it really focuses on open standards. iCal, WebDAV, all sorts of nice things.

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