My name is Seven and I'm here to say
Trans men and women are here to stay
so go take your pills, flip your face
we're levin'' to heaven from the human race

oh yeah, i’m a lyrical genius
a verified ikarus
she had some fun
flew too close to the sun
then couldn’t think of a good rhyme


no reason to rhyme, time to run
drink some lime, coke and rum
feelin fine, slept a ton
then I woke up and i’m still trans

Trans in the mornin'
Trans in the evenin'
Trans into the night
Trans ain't decision
it’s a human right

i’m a transgender
not gonna give up
not gonna stop (what?)
i’m gonna trans harder
i’m transgender
i’m gonna make it
i will transition
keep on transitioning

my gender brings all the TERFs to the yard
and they like
it’s better than yours
damn right it’s better than yours
i can teach you
but i have to charge

how do I know my gender
how can you know the weather?
oh it’s now or never
I ain’t gonna live forever
I just wanna live while I'm alive.
it’s my life

I just wanna do a bunch of gay shit
i just wanna be gay for the fuck of it.
i just wanna touch i wanna play with it
oh yes I went there and I came back with it

this shit is trans genders
this shit is trans genders
two times I've been down this track
and this time there ain't no comin' back
I ain't no transition back girl
I ain't no transition back girl

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