the english words for “north”, “south” “east” “west” actually come from the ancient nordic names for dwarves who were thought to live in those directions, and hold the sky up like pallbearers of the heavens.

Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri

i absolutely did not expect this post to go viral. (28 boosts is the most i have ever gotten)

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@zens "South" and "sun" share the same ancestor in proto-Indo-European. Same goes for "East" and things like "aura", or even "oro", the Spanish word for "gold". It all comes from people thousands of years ago looking at the big light in the sky and positioning themselves and the landscape in relation to it. I think the dwarves got their names somewhere along the way in the journey from proto-Indo-European to the languages we have today!

“Thought to..”? Are you suggesting they don’t?
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