so have you heard of this cool new thing called RSS? it’s like podcasts but for articles. you should check it out!

the sheer number of people not getting the point of this and compulsively chasing away younger people from possibly being interested in RSS is impressive.

hey: did you know that RSS was invented to turn websites into fully immersive VR environments? it’s trueee. how exciting!

@pzmyers if someone is 30 or younger they very likely have *never* heard of it.

@zens And that's unfortunate. The centralization of social media has not worked out well.

@zens @pzmyers That would explain your post. I was like “new”, ?! While rss has been around like forever in my 57 year old view.

@alternative_be @zens Yeah, I've written before about how the demise of support for RSS has hurt independent blogging. I guess that was Google & Microsoft's intent.

@zens @pzmyers I've heard of it, but I've also heard of irony lol
And I'm also not one to simply assume someone has no idea what they're talking about, as most of the ppl in the comments seem to be doing

@raphaelmorgan @pzmyers you know what they say, never attribute to cleverness anything that can be assumed to be the incompetence of a woman.

Very new! " It was released in March 1999 for use on the My.Netscape.Com portal." (Wikipedia)

@changeling It's only cool when... Read More

Yeah when that doesn't happen.

@zens new, huh? very interesting, I use an rss reader for a long time, I think it even predates traditional blogs with wordpress, maybe not those made by hand since that's where the rss got cultivated, however it predates lots of things we consider new today. Actually, [this source]( clames the thing is as old as 1999.

@bgtlover me: “look at this cool new thing you should be interested “
you: “new?! cool?! it’s in fact very old and uncool. get off my lawn you babies!!! “

@bgtlover like, if we’re gonna be all “i knew about it first” hipstery about it, RSS deserves to die

@zens actually, it's awesome as all hell, but that doesn't mean it's new, hell, that doesn't mean it should be. After all, I'm still playing around with ancient versions of #freebsd, the #mame arcade emulator and lose a lot cuz...not very accessible games back then, but it's a lot of fun trying to play something like samurai showdown without sight. Thing is, rss is awesome! what's even more awesome, irc. What's the best of them all, #thunderbird, which supports both, lol

@zens it does, but it's fascinating to see how many game mechanics and interesting things were the 80s/90s programmers and designers thinking up compared to now. Nowadays, games are more like movies, all cinematics and bright sounds, but few actually awesome and original ideas. In most areas, especially a11y, I'm glad we're past the 80s, but when it comes to games, I wish those old consoles and designers would come back to the future and show the world how to think outside the box again. and! the technology still exists! if only someone would pick it up and use it!

@purple @zens it's been used recently enough that I remember when twitter used to offer rss feeds of every account.

want your twitter feed on your own website? no complex apis needed, just point a reader at the url

@patterfloof @purple @zens It’s really not been out of general use for very long at all. Google Reader only went offline in 2013.

Wordpress (and possibly other blogging platforms—haven’t checked) still provides an RSS feed, although browsers don’t have the convenient icon any more.

[elcor voice: half-jocular expression of disbelief] 

@zens yeah, right!

You forgot an ironic smile as RSS is just 23 years old 😜

@zens Sorry, 😭 being Italian I tend to expect scenographic smiles even here on the Fediverse. Turning serious RSS goes agaist the interests of big actors. They all started supporting it then, after becoming big they slowly and silently removed it becuase it goes against their idea of profitable #WallenGarden (or #GoldenPrison)

@paoloredaelli i am more of a deadpan girl. i am rarely able to pull it off tho

@zens honestly, I have an rss feed reader I keep meaning to link up with all the TTRPG blogs I follow, but I haven't gotten around to it 💀

@vultureculture look at this trendy youngster using RSS to keep up with their Teeny Tiny Royal Pony Gala news

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