dear twitter refugees.

if you are to post links back to twitter, please consider using or a mirror instead. just replace “” with “” in the url, or use one of the mirror urls. this lets us see the content but stripped of the surveillance apperatus and sign up nags.

here is a list of mirrors.

okay it’s just come to my attention that “refugees” is an insensitive word to use here and i am sorry to anyone I upset.

@zens my fork of pinafore rewrites all twitter links to nitter ( (code is on github at

@zens Thanks. Same with invidious for youtube videos?


As a Twitter refugee, this is important! (Not that I ever check that site anymore, but it's still relevant.)

@zens @renatolond It would be *really* cool if Crossposting did this automatically ...

@zens I was unaware of nitter. Thanks.

A separate discussion elsewhere is what word to use to describe migrants from Twitter to Mastodon. "Refugee" has come up as disrespectful to meatspace refugees. I'm proposing "emigre" as an alternative. I'm curious to know what others think.

@gme @zens Good question!

People fleeing political or religious persecution are refugees. The second half of the definition hints at that.

Leaving Twitter, it has been argued, doesn't have the same gravitas as humans being physically and mentally abused.

For context, I used the word refugee, and it was asked if I could not. I thought it was worth the effort to come up with a one-word pithy alternative, so a trip to OneLook suggested "emigre".

Disagreements welcome!

All of that is purely subjective though and who are we to judge someone's perceived or real persecution on Twitter by Musk or his policies?

Twitter has literally been tagging verified accounts left-and-right over the past day or so and marking their accounts for removal.

Sure sounds like a personal vendetta from Musk against them.

@gme @vincent actual refugees have told us that it is. if that isn’t good enough for you, you might be a dick.

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