I am finally doing it. I am putting my most loved threads up on my website in the least elegant most convenient for me way possible so it gets done.

Here is my UX thread- but without all the lovely comments from people because well, I'd need to get consent from all of those people wouldn't I?



continuing my dumb method of uploading my popular mastodon threads:

A taxonomy of 4x4 patterns


and as a bonus, my unabridged incomprehensible personal notes on the topic


indexing is enabled, so you can see the full list here as I go.


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A somewhat less known / beloved thread of mine, in which I present a scanline based image compression, just to see how it glitches.


A not at all well loved thread of mine- It was posted on twitter, and for some reason twitter's kind of a ghost town! no audience there. it's obviously a dead platform that you can't take seriously as something to gain traction on.

A thread about my color cycling algorithm attempts


and a followup to my supergif thread with some postmortem on what I'd need to do for a next version.


I guess it's not very popular here either! oh well.

Continuing my nasty reposts of my best threads, is this long meandering thread where I talk about the CD+G format, meander into musing about the supergif concept, and then trying to figure out how to get it small enough to fit onto a plain audio tape that can play back an animation in real time


slight amendment to the last comment in the PPU thread: 8bit guy might not actually be transphobic, but the rest is apparently true.


List of 1990s teenage mutant ninja turtle ripoff tv shows

Samurai Pizza Cats
Street Sharks
Stone Protectors
Toxic Crusaders
Space Cats
Biker Mice From Mars
Mighty Ducks
Road Rovers
Extreme Dinosaurs
Mega Babies
Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs
Snaliens Supersonic Shell Fighters

@zens I need to think about Mighty Ducks on that list for a while now

@edgeworth Okay so like…
There was a live action movie by that name from disney, where the name was just referring to a hockey team with human children in it.

But then Disney made an animated tv series, in which the main characters were a set of 4 anthropomorphic ducks who played hockey and also fought crime.

@zens “A team of humanoid duck ice hockey team/freedom fighters fight evil between games.”

Well I’ll be damned.

@zens Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs was more of a parody than a ripoff. That episode features one of my favorite Tiny Toons moments ever.

Hampton, who doesn't get the appeal of the show but gets talked into cosplay anyway, tries (and fails) to get the lingo down.

"Let's get liberal! [pause] Or is that 'radical'..."

Every time I see the Turtles pop up I end up saying that line to someone.

@zens it is wild to me that you remembered my childhood obsession with this episode but now that I think about it it's probably my fault it's on your list. Hi @eDragonflym, I had the Samurai Slugs episode taped off TV on VHS, which I eventually recorded onto audiotape so I could listen to it while I was away from the VCR, and made at least one Samurai Slug fanzine while messing around with early desktop publishing software. Had no interest whatsoever in TMNT.

@SpindleyQ @eDragonflym it’s easy with math, and reading your story on my old account just before reposting it after having totally forgotten

@zens I think I’ll try integrating KOPI into my Reaper theme (if licenses permit). Oddly enough, I’m from the area/era when the Mighty Ducks franchise began. Anaheim is a weird place where 8-lane freeways connect media conglomerates (Disneyland, Angels, Ducks) who all sell various identities of Southern California to the world at large. D1/D2 slaps tho. Emilio Estevez carries Ramon’s legacy gracefully.

@zens as I read I kept imagining them as tidalcycles patterns. Very cool! Thanks for sharing them

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