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Perhaps unsurprising the world's largest Bitcoin mining operations start to look more and more like an HR Giger hellscape (Seneca Lake BTC mining facility, New York)

you know what? fuck you. *expunges your data*

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Computer, ARM history 

The ARM chip was also designed to run at very low power. [Sophie] Wilson explained that this was entirely a cost-saving measureโ€”the team wanted to use a plastic case for the chip instead of a ceramic one, so they set a maximum target of 1 watt of power usage.

But the tools they had for estimating power were primitive. To make sure they didnโ€™t go over the limit and melt the plastic, they were very conservative with every design detail. Because of the simplicity of the design and the low clock rate, the actual power draw ended up at 0.1 watts.

In fact, one of the first test boards the team plugged the ARM into had a broken connection and was not attached to any power at all. It was a big surprise when they found the fault because the CPU had been working the whole time. It had turned on just from electrical leakage coming from the support chips.

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do u wanna build massive megastructures that will outlast generations with me? ๐Ÿฅบ

type of guy who breaks it down to get the motion sensor to turn th lite on

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i don't know what was better
my first kiss or my first spliff

copped so much shit at the mall they call me paul blart

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