hey all, i am sophia and i am a nerd! i think i identify as a demigirl -- online i usually go by 'névtelen' which translates to 'untitled' from hungarian. a non-exhaustive list of my interests include most things to do with (old) computers and electronics, sustainability and the earf, urbex and 'freerunning', the various forms digital graphics can take, photography, and staying hydrated

@zvava hi sophia, welcome to town! It has been a long time coming I think :) It's good to have you.

@zvava Hey sophia! Welcome to the fediverse :party_sparkles:

(is it your first time around?)

What do you do with old computers? :win3_computer:

@flydelion hi! actually it's not -- i have immigrated from

that's something my dad would say lol, mostly just play around with them and at least get them to function. sometimes i repurpose them for other purposes as well, if it's not inefficient (at least power wise) to do so

@zvava LMAO.

That's really nice. There is so much old chips can still do. I (currently) lack some of the technical skill required to scavenge parts or revive old systems but I wonder if a little soldering and part replacement can still go a long way...

Well, I'm from a different town you see so I'd just say, "have a smooth migration!"

@zvava Hiya! That's a nice list. UwU
Why is freerunning in quotes?
And yay now I'm not the only one with a hungarian nick. Are you also from Hungary?

@csepp hey, thanks! i actually can't remember why i put it in quotes lol, guess i didn't want to take myself too seriously.. uwu -- i am in fact from hungary, i immigrated with my parents to ireland when i was 3 and i mostly stopped speaking hungarian (even to my parents) overtime but i try my best to keep up!

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