bad trip :( nearly died

marijuana update 

still high after 2 days lol (good high though ☺️ )

the final statement 

sober at last :)


@zvava shit man, what happened?

re: marijuana 

@changbai maybe 4th ever sesh, got a little greedy on the drinks from the fountain, couchlock (in which friend turned my chair 110° to the right so i wouldn't throw up on our shit for which i blew up at him for and insisted i wouldn't vomit), threw up twice (luckily he put an empty haribo's cylinder under my mouth), discovered the magnitude of ongoing childhood trauma i have and deny, heartrate continuously 120-160, watch measured 85 stress at some point, and now i'm sobering :)

re: re: marijuana 

@changbai only gathered up the energy to turn on my music now and it feels so much better

re: re: marijuana 

@zvava oh man that's quite a trip, glad you are coming out of it! There's always a destination. Take it easy, I find music with warm tones really comforting

re: re: re: marijuana 

@changbai sony extra bass speaker's extra bass button is saving me 🙏 kind of ironic i've had a personal tragedy on this specific date


@zvava cuidado, go slow, drink water

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