got "new" deck and trucks from and old mate, finally back to skating :D

made a second plant crate today, this time for lavender! it is quite big so i might let it take up the whole pot... i was planning to grow some sage/salvia in the second hole and don't have enough old planks to make another one of these crates but whatever, there is always a way!

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buying some peppermint and chamomile for... reasons (they were out of lavender and the sage is too expensive) i don't know which # to use and i can't look it up bc phone is about to die lol


out for a jog, like a km away from home when my shoe breaks down and makes it almost impossible to walk in it without immense pain, fuck!

i haven't drawn an original charcter in a while.. new original character! their name is soie! that's it i might draw/write about her and her friends somepoint soon ^^

this is my favorite bird, it is a cedar waxwing and i think it looks really cool!!

i'm considering porting to a leafpad... i'm pretty sure the image attached is close to the same model i got when i was small... i still have it except it's broken and gets stuck on the boot screen once turned on but dissasembling it reveals a uart connector... if i can't repair it (highly unlikely) then i still have another functioning one that my parents bought a few years back for my younger siblings


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