getting my hair bleached ☺️ finally becoming the hot ginger i've always wanted to be...

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20-40mm or the much more reasonable twenty five thirty seconds to one inch and thirty seven sixtyfourths.

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you wake up. it was all just a dream.
the personal computer was never invented.
you are relieved.

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Since April, Antarctica has had an incredibly cool flag. It's called the True South flag and its meant to create a greater sense of community among the researchers and workers who call the continent home for parts of the year. It is in wide use across the continent!

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@fraggle i've unironically seen jpeg artifacting on those "modern design decorations" at multiple mcdonalds locations and it is so off-putting because they're so large you can't help but notice it

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gpu arrived back from gigabyte, i hope it doesn't randomly die on my anymore :D

it boggles the mind how incompetent the average person can be

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Ahhhh, so much nicer! Now I can comfortably design UF3+ fonts without needing zoom functionality! #Slight #uxn

@narF some kind of project, not for storage, but if nothing else comes to mind i could just use it for storing a spice i guess

i have an empty clear plastic vitamin gummies bottle (ø 68mm, height (excluding cap/threads) is abt 100mm) and i have no idea what to do with it, any suggestions? currently i'm supergluing the child safe lid so that you don't have to press down on it to open it but idk where to go from there

@aw the only times i am sitting down with my legs 'normal' (not crossed) are when i just sit down or am about to get back up, and in school, lol

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@aw i hear it's only terrible by default, the price comes from the complexity in the design and the amount of adjustment that it has built into it, once configured properly it _should_ be extremely comfortable and really good for your posture--at least so i've heard

also offices probably get bulk discounts on them or something

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“How will you be useless to capitalism today?”

-Tricia Hersey, the nap ministry.

re: cov+ update 

@rek yeah i talked to some friends about their experiences; some got effects on both, some only got effects on the first one, some only got them on the the other, some didn't at all

i'm hoping i'm the last one :p

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