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only a fool trips over something behind them

these glow in the dark cia [redacted]s encrypted my fucking lightbulb firmware

i think i will try to make chemical extracts out of my plants (eg. thujone from sage, menthol from peppermint, etc.)

seems like it could make a fun project i think, i love plants

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windows 11 

this shit kinda bangs tho so far ngl

“When I was young, I was poor. But after years of hard, honest work, I’m no longer young”

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that image was taken an hour ago, finally finished! now comes the boring part...

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Stop for a moment and think of the world like this. Then step away from the current mess, you need a shovel #OMN

about to dry some more herbs... just have to separate the leaves from the stems

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i think i will give up on wireless mice, they're just too expensive, especially to find one with buttons that last longer then 5 months...

sometimes i feel like i'm too much of a degenerate to be on this instance :p

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