accidentally lost some log entries due to a fuckup in migrating to a new laptop.
I need to find a more reliable solution

also, how do I distinguish between "I didn't create any output that day" and "I did but I forgot to log it"


@eel That happened to me in my first few weeks. I used to commit entries and push them to GitHub for backup purposes

@joshavanier I might consider using a git cloud for this as well.
or a homeserver

@eel @joshavanier

homeserver! or vserver/rootserver if you can afford the 10-30€ a month. Otherwise you could also get an account somewhere like and store your repos there via ssh. Having a cloud-unix is *extremely* useful IMO.

@eel @joshavanier
I can also offer hosting git repos etc, but I wouldn't expect anyone trusting me with privacy or reliability :D

@s_ol @joshavanier those are some great recommentations! however, I would like to have direct hardware access. so I guess I should be shopping for a single-board computer or something

also a good option. You want to be as independent as possible or is there a practical reason for physical access?

Biggest drawback from my experience running an old laptop in the corner of my room is the dynamic IP part, and a dedicated server in a farm probably has a lot more bandwidth than your home ISP.

whoops, messed up the mentions on that one, that was supposed to go out @eel obviously

@s_ol @joshavanier hmm, yeah these are good points!
upside is ethernet connection speed while you're at home.
but yeah if I want to make some public facing stuff as well, having it on a good internet connection would be nice

@s_ol @joshavanier I guess I don't _need_ physical access but I think it would be a good testbed for prototyping systems that run on affordable hardware

@eel @s_ol @joshavanier you got me excited, I thought maybe there was a price drop or something. I was considering it when looking into a SBC at the Latte Panda level.

@neauoire @s_ol @joshavanier ok now I found an i.MX 8M singleboard computer for $60. that seems to be about the ballpark for Pi prices

@eel @s_ol @joshavanier the good thing with the pi atm is the community support and standards. I'd recommend it against other weird boards if you want something predictable.

@neauoire @s_ol @joshavanier community support for i.MX 8M is... sparse ^^
I just happen to be programming them for work.
but yeah I should get a Pi

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