Should include websites that have primarily non-english content?

@neauoire I think the purpose of the Webring is to connect all these similar sites. if someone stumbles upon one of them, it's easy to find all the others. as most sites are in English, I'm quite disappointed when I find an interesting site in the ring, but I don't understand it...

maybe a rule like, "if the content is text-based, it should be English", so sites with visuals wouldn't be affected...

@kodedninja I feel the same, I will add this rule, I'll check the current sits to see if they fit this rule.


@neauoire @kodedninja How about we just add locales for each site? By default, would take you to `en` sites only but if your browser is set to `fr` then French sites will be included

@joshavanier @neauoire I think this is a good technical solution. though, it still doesn't solve the issue that it should consist of similar sites, so I don't know...

@kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire my short answer is yes, they should be allowed as long as someone is able to review them. Like I mentioned in the pr that this probably stemmed from, there is already multiple French sites, some Spanish, and if I remember correctly even a Greek one.

This gets _really_ tricky when we say things like "similar sites" belong in the webring, because I still have no idea what that means.


@kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire

For example, I just hit random 3 times, and here are the sites I got.

The first one I recognize immediately because @magoz's style is incredible and inspiring. I love looking at his site. He also has tracking (which we've mentioned before we don't want and sells stuff on his site, which we've also frowned at business sites).


@kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire @magoz

The second one is ironically in text based and half in German.

The third is seemingly just a page that links to a bunch of other of the person's sites.


@kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire @magoz

So this is what I mean when I struggle with defining "similar sites". These three sites aren't similar at all, yet they are all in the ring. If we are going to allow this (and I think we should with guidelines), then I don't think we can disallow one that may be very similar to another but is just in French.

@ckipp @kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire Thanks for your kind words! And sorry, I wasn't aware I was breaking some agreements. But I've only found this:

Webring criteria
Single page websites, websites acting only as portals to other social platforms, or websites with violent, racist, sexist or speciesist content will be rejected.

@magoz @ckipp @kodedninja @neauoire I don't personally mind anyone having tracking scripts on their sites within the webring. (And I think anyone who really detests tracking scripts would have setups that render them futile anyway).

I think it's fine so long as sites aren't running dodgy scripts that mess with webcams or microphones or run cryptominers and things like that.

@joshavanier @ckipp @kodedninja @neauoire I totally agree with this. For instance, I track how visitors use my website so I can understand better how my content is consumed. That allows me to build better UI and functionalities. I don't use it for anything else.

@magoz @kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire no, no, no worries at all, and you're not breaking any agreements. They were all just things that have been brought up in the past month or so as we've discussed on github how to be consistent as we review sites that are requesting to be added.

@magoz @kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire o, and one other thing I feel important to mention. I'm not trying to be a major pain or stickler on any of this stuff. Mostly I just want to ensure we approach sites and PR's in the same (fair) fashion.

@ckipp @kodedninja @joshavanier @neauoire Not a pain at all! I think consistency is very important and questioning every aspect is very much needed. I appreciate the healthy conversation around it!

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