At times I wish we had instance only posts. I know that some forks, like hometown, have that. @somnius is that ever something we'd consider?


@ckipp Hm—when adding new features I have to keep in mind how difficult they would be to maintain over time. Something like that might actually be difficult for me to maintain than it's worth, depending on how much effort it is to fork that functionality from Mastodon. It's already somewhat difficult to keep our small cosmetic changes up to date with the latest Mastodon versions, so it might not be the best idea, but I can look into it at least!

@somnius no worries at all, that makes sense! It was more of just a curiosity.

@ckipp Again, it all depends on how much effort it is! If it's not that much and lots of users ask for it, I can definitely check it out :3

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