Extremely good interview with vitalik buterin (ethereum creator) 80000hours.org/podcast/episode
His civic reasoning seem consistently extremely lucid. I'd like to hear his explanation of why he's so vehemently dismissive of bitcoin boosters' opposition to inflation. I bet it'll be good.

He seems to be right about everything, even if he did wound my civic ideals twice. The primary injury: 🗡️ against radical transparency: It's easier to design civic systems when you can isolate the meaning of an action. If all actions are publicly recorded, you basically can't know much about what they're going to mean any more because they're now (if weakly) causally entangled with everything else

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@faun Related to the subject of privacy, I actually came across this y'all the other day by Tom Scott. The way he talks about privacy here is interesting, in relation to evolving technology: youtu.be/_kBlH-DQsEg

@somnius hmm I've been charting radical transparency pretty thoroughly, but I'm still very ready for my analysis to pivot from "this would be more good than bad and we should probably do this" to "this is already happening and we must stop it from happening"

@somnius I need to see very lucid projections about Big Data prediction stuff he's describing.. it's really hard to tell how clever they're going to get, and when.. but *someone*, *somewhere* might have an idea, it's just a matter of trawling through enough university ML departments to find them.

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