@somnius I've been exploring migrating our custom CSS to a theme, so that others can opt-out and use one of the default themes if they want to.

If I manage the theme, do you have the time to add it to the instance?

@stephen @somnius I'm not interested in users using the default theme on here.

@stephen @somnius The look of the instance is part of the merveilles experience, I mean if someone doesn't like it, I think we could definitely make it easier for others to make PRs to the theme.

But if they want to use the purple colors on here, it indicate that there might be better instances for how they want to use the fediverse.

@neauoire @somnius prioritizing the look over personal usability preferences isn't really my jam, but I get it.

@stephen @somnius it's totally understandable, it's not even ideal for me. I'm all about changing the looks of things to fit my moods.

But that would break this experiment.


@neauoire @stephen I mean, we could leave our current theme as the default and have other themes for users if they so choose! For example, some people can't use dark themes with certain kinds of visual disabilities.

Making a light theme for the instance would be nice, for example, even though it would be a fair amount of work, and it could still mostly match the colors we've set here.

@somnius @neauoire @stephen I think a light / dark merveilles theme for accesibility makes sense, but do like the idea of not having other instances and if someone really wants it to look difrerent they can always use stylus or something similarity

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